Scott Bristol's 'Values at Hand'.

Summary. Every user must complete this Information Disclosure Agreement prior to commencing a Life Journey Map® values ranking. Coach/Consultants must honor this agreement to insure access to Life Journey Map® online software. 

LJMap Information Disclosure Agreement.


Before you start LJMap's online values-ranking process, it is necessary that you understand and agree to how your identifiable personal data will be used by LJMap.

Identifiable personal data is defined as: 

  • Any direct on indirect measures, scores, or summary information derived from personal LJMap online values ranking data that can be directly linked or identified to a single person.
  • Group scores of less then four combined individual scores.

    "I accept" that LJMap has the right to share, give, or sell my 'identifiable personal data’ only to:

  • LJMap professional staff: Scott Bristol Ed.D., and Michaela Bristol-Faulhammer MAS, MA

  • My personal coach/consultant: coach/consultant name*

  • "Corporate data" is defined as group data that is linked by a "Corporate" name to a specific business or organization. All "Corporate data" is confidential and not to be shared, given, or sold outside the confines of the given business or organization by LJMap or personal coach/consultants without explicit "Corporate" permission.



    * Inviting coach/consultant's name is automatically inserted.