VISTA Login Help

Two common problems that occur with VISTA browser IE 7.0.6:

Turn off Pop-Ups.  If you log in and nothing happens then you need to:

*If you don't close the browser and log in after you've turned off the pop-up block it won't work.

VISTA IE need to Refresh.  If the next page you see says:

The website cannot display the page

Most likely causes:

Then refresh the page. When you do this a pop up page should open that starts you on your values ranking process. You do this by clicking on the text - refresh this page.

What you can try is:

Refresh this page

More pop-up blocks. Be aware that if after turning off your pop-up block you still seem to stay at the home page, you may have additional pop-up blocks operating within your security software (Norton, McFee, etc) that you also need to turn off.